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The best bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica are nicer than Costa Rica’s hotels, inns, and resorts!

When searching for bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica, however, it’s important to find one that will live up to your standards.

A rustic bed and breakfast isn’t a dirty one. Because the proprietors of a bed and breakfast advertise its “natural setting” doesn’t mean you should deal with ants and cockroaches. A family home with a spare bedroom doesn’t qualify as a boutique bed and breakfast.

The best bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica meet the same standards you would expect from a high-quality establishment in North America, Europe, and Down Under!

The following Costa Rica bed and breakfasts have beautiful settings, clean and aesthetically pleasing facilities, and excellent staff.

They are the best bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica!

best bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica
Entrance to Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast

Located in Arenal/La Fortuna and owned by Mrs. Krauskopf and her three daughters, the Lucky Bug is simply fantastic!

Not only is it tucked into a wonderful area close to Lake Arenal, Mrs. Krauskopf and her late husband built a European-style gem. The three daughters are triplets and compete to make certain everything at the Lucky Bug is in tip-top shape. One of the daughters, Alexandra, even designs the beds you’ll be sleeping in!

There is an art gallery and souvenir shop next to the restaurant.

And, the food at the Lucky Bug is second to none if you have a taste for a touch of German aliment!

Once in a blue moon you’ll find a bed and breakfast like this one. The Mango Moon is located in Quepos/Manuel Antonio and is easily one of the best bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica!

Up on a hill with a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean, the lodging accommodations are second only to the food. (Be certain to try the banana pancakes.)

The Mango Moon Bed and Breakfast/Hotel Resort get raving reviews from everyone, because it doesn’t disappoint and neither do the staff.

If the best bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica must be narrowed down to one, it’s the Tamarindo Mirador B&B. It’s simply the best!

Located in Tamarindo on the western most part of the country, the Mirador overlooks the Pacific Ocean from high above.

The Tamarindo Mirador B&B — in addition to its views and service quality — is a work of art.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is home of Sueno Grande B&B.

A a quaint little bed and breakfasts a few blocks from the Caribbean, it was featured on HGTV’s House Hunter International!

The Sueno Grande was originally a small bed and breakfast that needed improvements.

Now, Sueno Grande is almost a boutique resort. It has a beautiful little bar/restaurant and nice little pool for the evenings.

The owner, Jodie, is originally from Seattle. She gave up her job, bought the Sueno Grande, and is living happily ever after!

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