Costa Rica Adventure Vacation: Adrenaline in Paradise

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Costa Rica Adventure Vacation, Adrenaline in Paradise!

Adventure and Costa Rica and  vacation are words that just fit together! Costa Rica adventure vacation has a ring to it. It just sounds fun! And, it is! An adventure vacation in Costa Rica will exceed your expectations in every respect. Costa Rica knows what you’re looking for in an adventure vacation. The country found its niche in the international tourism community develop an adventure vacation industry. As such, Costa Rica adventure vacations are some of the best eco-adventure vacations in the world!

Adventure Vacation Costa Rica, Why the Rich Coast?

In addition to the fact that Costa Ricans — Ticos  — know what you’re looking for in an adventure vacation, there is another reason adventure vacations in Costa Rica are second to none: the geography, Costa Rica’s topography. Costa Rica has some of the most stunning landscapes in Central America. Unlike its neighbors to the north and south, Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is tremendously mountainous. It has canyons deeper than the Black Canyon in Colorado and mountains with more relief than Pikes Peak.

Because Ticos understand have built up their adventure vacation industry and because of the country itself, Costa Rica adventure vacations are second to none!

Adventure Vacation Costa Rica
Pacuare River’s Dos Montanas Canyon, a Natural Wonder of Hydrology and Geography.

Geography and Topography of Costa Rica

A Costa Rica adventure vacation isn’t just seven days on the beach with a couple of surfing lessons and snorkeling. A misconception about Costa Rica is that the best attractions are the beaches. While it is true that Costa Rica has world class beaches, the beaches are hardly the only attractions in the country. (Nevertheless, it’s still amazing that the Caribbean Coast is only a six-hour drive from the Pacific Ocean!)

Costa Rica has massive, rugged, savage mountains. The Turrialba Volcano, for example, is 9,000 feet above the town of Turrialba. That is 1,000 feet more higher than Pikes Peak towers over Colorado Springs. And, the Turrialba Volcano isn’t close to being one of the Costa Rica’s mountains. And, the mountains are covered in jungle. The jungles of Costa Rica include the largest tract of virgin jungle forest in Central America, La Amistad International Reserve.


Costa Rica Adventure Vacation
Turrialba’s Volcano has more than 1,000-feet more relief than Pikes Peak in Colorado and it is an average mountain in Costa Rica!

The size of the mountains in Costa Rica and the dramatic relief make for some extraordinary rivers. In addition to being fast-flowing, steep and often high-volume, the rivers in Costa Rica are cool, clear, and clean. As a result, Costa Rica’s rafting is unparalleled. Even without the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, there is enough to do in Costa Rica to stay entertained for a lifetime.

But, by no means should you fail to visit the beaches in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has over 800 miles of coastline. Even if mountains and rivers and beaches and the ocean aren’t your things, there are dozens of other can’t-miss activities as well.

A Costa Rica adventure vacation has virtually limitless possibilities.

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Activities

There are dozens more recreation activities to choose from. But, with respect to Costa Rica adventure vacation activities, there are 14 that are worth considering first. In no particular order, Costa Rica offers the following adventure vacation activities:


The rafting in Costa Rica is world class. For a country one-fifth the size of Colorado — roughly the size of West Virginia — Costa Rica has a tremendous number of rivers. The best whitewater rafting rivers in Costa Rica include the Pacuare, Pejivalle, Savegre, Naranjo, and the Sarapiqui Rivers. The heart of Costa Rica’s rafting is in the Reventazon River Valley because it includes the Pacuare River and the Pejivalle. The Pacuare is the country’s gem, with respect to rivers. The Pejivalle River is the cleanest river that is raft-able aside from a few near Quepos on the coast. The Reventazon is the countries largest class IV/V river. Together, those three rivers make Turrialba the rafting community with the largest number of options.

Canopy Zipline Tours in Costa Rica

Another hugely popular adventure vacation Costa Rica activity is canopy zipline touring. There are zipline tours all over the country. In La Fortuna, there are zipline tours traversing down the side of the Arenal Volcano. Above the river lodges on the Pacuare, there are zipline tours with views overlooking the canyon. There are canopy tours with views of the ocean, alongside beaches, through sanctuaries, and over lakes.

There is even a Superman canopy zipline, This is said to be Costa Rica’s longest zip line at over 1 km in length/  It is called “The Super Cable” . Some of Costa Rica’s zip lines are suspended over 300 feet in the air!

For those people who don’t believe a zipline tour would be a there cup of tea, there are dozens of aerial trams as well.

Hiking in Costa Rica

If you enjoy hiking trails, that is one thing Costa Rica isn’t short on. Many of Costa Rica’s hiking opportunities offer better views and in more beautiful settings than any other mode of transportation. Costa Rica has jungle hikes and river hikes and hikes up volcanoes and through open space and to the top of the second highest peak in Central America.

The most popular hikes are up Mount Chirripo, Corcovado National Park, and up to the Nauyaca Waterfalls. But, there are equally hikes in La Amistad National Park, through the parks of the Caribbean Coast, and around Rincon de la Vieja National Park. If you want an easy hike around the crater of an exceptionally beautiful volcano, there is the Poás Volcano National Park.

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Easily the most underrated Costa Rica adventure vacation activity, horseback riding is wildly popular with people who give it a try. Anyone even remotely open to the idea should take the opportunity. There is excellent horseback riding all over the country, but some of the best is in the mountains around the smaller agricultural pueblos like Turrialba, Sarapiqui, and Cahuita. There is great horseback riding around the La Fortuna and Quepos areas as well.

Costa Rica ATV and Buggy Tours

While not the most eco-friendly activity, it is difficult not to have a blast while riding four wheelers. In addition to the fun driving fast in the open air, Costa Rica is the perfect playground for four wheeling. Along the beaches, through the mountains, up and down the sides of volcanoes and through the mud along river bottoms. Costa Rica is a four wheeling dream!

Canyon Reppelling in Costa Rica

Like hiking trails, there is canyoneering all over Costa Rica. Starting near the headwaters of a creek, canyoneering in Costa Rica entails swimming, rappelling, and hiking. Moving through the sights and sounds of the jungle and river makes canyoneering one of the most intensely intimate Costa Rica adventure vacation activities available.

Cave Spelunking in Costa Rica

 If there is an activity that defines adventure vacation Costa Rica style, it is spelunking! Not only is there great spelunking in Costa Rica, you can spelunk under a volcano! While perfectly safe, it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart!

Birding in Costa Rica

Another profoundly underestimated activity, birding in Costa Rica is among the best in the world. Costa Rica has 915 bird species which makes it the richest avionary region in the world on a ratio scale. Per square mile, there are a greater variety of bird species than any other place on the planet. The entirety of the United States only has 844.

Wildlife in Costa Rica

Many of the most interesting animals are extremely difficult to get a glimpse of, particularly those in the cat family. However, there are a surprising number of mammals that North Americans and Europeans are not familiar with that are rather easy to spot with a little patience. The tapir, sloth, monkeys, peccary and Coati for example. Reptiles and amphibians are abundant in Costa Rica including crocodiles, iguanas, and poisonous dart frogs.

Surfing and Bodyboarding in Costa Rica

A Costa Rica adventure vacation wouldn’t be an adventure vacation in Costa Rica without surfing or bodyboarding. It is the perfect country to learn to play in the waves. When the surf is too high on the Caribbean, there is a good chance the waves on the Pacific are ideal and vice versa. There are miles and miles of soft-landing beach breaks.

While surfing is a young person’s sport, almost anyone can quickly learn to enjoy the surf on a bodyboard.  

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Like surfing, anyone can snorkel and Costa Rica has exceptional snorkeling. The scuba diving is even better. Be it on the Caribbean or Pacific side, you can’t go wrong. In Costa Rica, you can attain a PADI Dive Certification.

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica

More than just jumping into the abyss of a freefall, bungee jumping is as much about your surroundings as it is about flying off a platform 500 fee up head first. Bungee jumping in Costa Rica is unique because of the setting. Before taking the plunge, look out over the jungle and mountains across the ocean. Force yourself to take in your surroundings. Then dive off into euphoria!

Skydiving in Costa Rica

As safe and professional as any skydiving operation in the States, Canada, or Europe, C Costa Rica puts its guests with the premier skydiving company in Central America. You can rest assured that your equipment, chute, and plane are of the highest quality. With that confidence, you can freefall over one of the most picturesque settings in Costa Rica!

Dolphin and Whale Watching in Costa Rica

While maybe not as adrenaline packed as some of the other activities in Costa Rica, watching dolphins and whales up close is certainly an adventure and most definitely a rush. Even if you’ve done it a million times, it is absolutely captivating. Without a doubt — and especially for kids and teenagers, — dolphin and whale watching is easily the most unique experience you’ll have in Costa Rica. There is just nothing else like it.

Costa Rica Adventure Packages

C Costa Rica Vacations offers several different Costa Rica Adventure Packages. We have a good idea of what activities are most popular with vacationers. However, every group is different. So, we make a sorted effort to customize your Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Package to meet your needs.

A Costa Rica adventure vacation does not mean the same thing to everyone. Some people’s idea of a vacation is a two-day hike through virgin rainforest. For some, it is crawling around under a volcano in a cave. Some people prefer the peace and quiet of a private horseback ride through the high mountains of Costa Rica. And for some, an adventure is laying on a secluded beach with miles and miles of sand to themselves.

For other people, jumping out of a plane or off a platform is the type of adventure they’re looking for in a Costa Rica adventure vacation. Tearing along the shore nine-o in a buggy gets some people off. And for others, it’s getting into a ring with a bull and trying to swipe the 100 dollars in colones off its horns that makes them feel alive.

So, C Costa Rica Vacations customizes every trip to meet your specific desires. However varied or diverse your expectations, we will make your Costa Rica adventure vacation match your reveries!

There is only one adventure vacation activity in Costa Rica C Costa Rica Vacations won’t let you go without: rafting! Unless the idea scares you to death or it’s unsafe for you to raft, it’s the one activity C Costa Rica insists on. For the vast majority of people who visit Costa Rica, rafting ends up being the highlight of their trip hands down!

But whatever you decide to do, C Costa Rica Vacations will make your choices payoff tenfold!

What is Your Dream Adventure Vacation in Costa Rica?


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