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10 Worst Things About Costa Rica

You can’t imagine the worst things about Costa Rica are until you get here experiencing them for yourself!

What might surprise you is that many of the worst things are also the funniest and most endearing things about Costa Rica!

Some of the worst things about Costa Rica are terrifying, driving for example. Others are more annoying than an itch in the middle of your back, the lines. Some will make you sick to your stomach: the excessive use of vegetable oil. And, some will surprise you, like the prices.

So, if you’re going to vacation in “the Switzerland of Central America,” you’d better know what the worse things about the place are.

The following is a simple guide outlining the scariest, most annoying, frustrating, ridiculous (Tico time), worst things about Costa Rica. It will save you from surprise, so you won’t be shocked at how nuts the following 10  peccadilloes of will drive.

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6 Best Intermediate Surfing Beaches in Costa Rica

Intermediate surfing in Costa Rica is more plentiful than beginner and expert surfing. Costa Rica has soft and sandy beaches on the Pacific side for beginners who want to learn surfing in Costa Rica. But, it has more intermediate surfing than beginner surf of the Pacific.

One the Caribbean side, there are hard-breaking, hard-bottom swells for expert surfers. But, the best surfing on the Caribbean side, too, is for intermediates.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert surfer, there is a perfect break in Costa Rica for you. It’s the country’s most popular outdoor recreation. But, if you are an intermediate surfer, Costa Rica is world-class.

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5 Best Places to Learn Surfing in Costa Rica

Why learn Surfing in Costa Rica? Because the surfing on both coasts of Costa Rica is world renowned, an extraordinary fact considering how small the country is. And, Costa Ricans are countrymen and women as tranquil as you’ll find on Earth. Also, because the majority of the surfing locale options in Costa Rica are gorgeous. Most importantly, because the surf breaks for beginners are ideal.

So, if you don’t want to get chucked off your board head first onto coral reef the first time you luck out and get up on a surfboard, learn to surf in Costa Rica. The Rich Coast has more soft-sand beach breaks than Australia has man-eating sharks!

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National Parks in Costa Rica — as well as Reserves

IRAZU NATIONAL PARK National parks in Costa Rica constitute more than 20 percent of the total land area. In addition to national parks, another 5 percent of the country is within reserves and research centers. It is one of only 14 countries in the world with more than 23 percent of its land under federal protection.

In Costa Rica, there are 27 national parks. There are more than a dozen large-scale reserves in Costa Rica.  And, there are over 20 research-purpose areas of greater than 100 hectares.

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Family Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Holiday VacationA family vacation in Costa Rica is the safest, most action-packed family vacation available in Central America. Costa Rica is the ideal place to take children and young adults for their first international adventure. A Costa Rica family vacation suitable for kids of any age, from toddlers to teenagers. The flight to Costa Rica is the most difficult part. It is also ideal for seniors. Costa Rica is the best place in Central America for grandmother and granddad to take their grandchildren on a family vacation.

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Costa Rica Adventure Vacation: Adrenaline in Paradise

Costa Rica Holiday Vacations

In addition to the fact that Costa Ricans — Ticos  — know what you’re looking for in an adventure vacation, there is another reason adventure vacations in Costa Rica are second to none: the geography, Costa Rica’s topography. Costa Rica has some of the most stunning landscapes in Central America. Unlike its neighbors to the north and south, Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is tremendously mountainous. It has canyons deeper than the Black Canyon in Colorado and mountains with more relief than Pikes Peak.

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Best Rafting Companies in Costa Rica

The best rafting companies in Costa Rica have one thing in common. The number of rafts or the quality of equipment does not determine a rafting

best rafting companies

company’s quality. How many guides a rafting company has on staff does not either. Whether a Costa Rican rafting company is owned by Ticos or Gringos or Canadians or Europeans is insignificant as well.

The one thing the best rafting companies in Costa Rica have in common is safety. In the rafting industry — worldwide — the phrase best rafting company is synonymous with the safest rafting company. Rafting in Costa Rica is no exception.

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Best Time of Year to Visit Costa Rica

Rafting Vacation

The best time of the year to visit Costa Rica depends on your preferences. In Costa Rica, you have three choices: sunshine, monsoon, and everything in between. In reality, though, no time is a bad time to visit Costa Rica. Somewhere, there is always sunny weather in Costa Rica.

And, if you don’t mind afternoon showers, there is almost always sunshine — at some time during the day — everywhere in Costa Rica. In other words, there aren’t inversions like those that develop in Seattle and back East. There aren’t endless days of overcast in Costa Rica often.

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Best Bed and Breakfasts in Costa Rica

Best Beach Tamarindo

The best bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica are, often, nicer establishments than Costa Rica’s hotels, inns, and resorts. They’re certainly nicer than the “motels.” When searching for bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica, it’s important to find one that will live up to your standards. A rustic bed and breakfast shouldn’t be a dirty one. Because the proprietors of a bed and breakfast advertise its “natural setting” doesn’t mean you should deal with ants and cockroaches. A family home with a spare bedroom doesn’t qualify as a boutique bed and breakfast.

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Driving in Costa Rica

Driving in Costa RicaDriving in Costa Rica is like nothing you’ve ever imagined. If you aren’t accustomed to driving in Costa Rica, it’s mind-boggling. There isn’t a lack of signs, quite the opposite in fact. But, they are all the same size.  And, the reasons for which Ticos do and don’t use their horns is the greatest mystery of mankind!

Costa Rica is renowned for having some of Central America’s best infrastructure. In part, that is because Costa Rica’s roads and highways are well maintained. But, the mountains in Costa Rica are savage which means the roads are as well.

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Best Beaches in Costa Rica

CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARKWhat makes the best beaches in Costa Rica so unique is that Costa Rica has beaches on the shores of two of the largest oceans in the world, the Pacific and the Atlantic! In the same day, a person can watch the sun rise over the Caribbean Sea and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean! It is only a six-hour drive from the Pacific across Costa Rica to the Caribbean! So, naturally, it makes sense to talk about the beaches on both coasts.

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Best Rivers in Costa Rica

PACUARE RIVER FAMILY VACATIONThe best rivers in Costa Rica are arguably the most beautiful in Central America. In fact, the rivers in Costa Rica are also among the most beautiful rivers in the Americas. Costa Rica’s rivers, in fact, are in the conversation for most beautiful in the world. What qualifies as the “most beautiful” is debatable.

What is not is the fact that, for a country its size, Costa Rica has a tremendous number of rivers. And, Costa Rica has one more element that is critical with respect to great rafting rivers, big mountains and lots of them!

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