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Enjoy Beaches, an Ocean, a Sea, Virgin Jungles, Active Volcanos, and Cool Whitewater!

The most popular Costa Rica vacation destinations are the beaches. There are spectacular beaches on both sides of the country. Pacific or Caribbean, almost all of Costa Rica’s beaches are gems. Best of all, the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea are just six driving-hours apart!

Costa Rica destinations
Afternoon in Puntarenas

Costa Rica’s Beaches are the best Central America has to offer. And Costa Rica’s mountains and volcanoes are no less beautiful than the beaches.

The terrain in Costa Rica is savage and the relief is massive. A large number of mountains and volcanoes in Costa Rica have more relief than Pikes Peak. A number of Costa Rica’s volcanoes are active. That means thermal hotsprings abound.  

A consequence of the terrain, Costa Rica’s rivers are steep and wild. Fortunately, the best rivers in Costa Rica are un-dammed and clean. And, Costa Rica’s whitewater rivers never freeze over and never dry up!

Comperable to the beaches and mountains are the parks. Though only one-fifth the size of Colorado, Costa Rica’s national parks number in the dozens. Its virgin jungles and national parks are comperable to anything in the Americas. Costa Rica, “is a pioneer in reforestation, forest management, and forest protection policies,” according to the World Bank Group. 

Costa Rica Vacation Destinations 

Ccosta Rica Vacations offers nine packages. A wide variety, Ccosta Rica vacations’ packages cover the entire the country. So, you can visit whichever Costa Rica destinations you desire. And, Ccosta Rica Vacations is more than happy to customize a trip for you. Select one of our pre-packaged iteneraries and change it to meet your needs.

costa rica vacation destinations
Pacuare River Juacas Falls

With Ccosta Rica Vacations, you have the option of traveling all of Costa Rica. We will shuttle you around the Northern Pacific Coast. We will shuttle you around the Central and Southern Pacific Coasts. You can travel the entire Caribbean side of the country. Or, Ccosta Rica Vacations can shuttle you from coast-to-coast.

With Ccosta Rica Vacations, you’ll have the opportunity to see all the Costa Rica vacation destinations in between the coasts as well!

Almost all of our vacation packages include a one or two-day rafting trip down the Pacuare River. Most travel packages also include at least one day in Arenal. The remaining days of your trip will be in a beach town. That is, of course, unless you require otherwise!

Imagine creating an itinerary from the following Costa Rica vacation destinations!

Popular Costa Rica Beach destinations on the Pacific Coast 


Popular Costa Rica Beach Destinations on the Caribbean Coast 

Best Whitewater Rafting Rivers in Costa Rica

Destination Volcanoes in Costa Rica


Ccosta Rica Vacations can accomodate your needs. We can do so whether you only have time to spend five or six days in Costa Rica or hope to spend a week or more visiting Costa Rica. Fill out our “Contact Us” form or a “Custom Itinerary” form.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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