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A Costa Rica eco vacation takes you to the undisturbed… and sometimes, the uncharted!

Rest in and wonder at the fragile and pristine!

Motorless adventure!

The C Costa Rica Eco Vacation is a soft step around mass tourism, a low-impact alternative balanced against commercial consumerism!

Board at eco-resorts and river lodges powered by manure-generated methane.

Stay at eco-lodges with hot tubs, cable television, and infinity pools!

Visit isolated, roadless locals in communities with every contemporary amenity down to internet wi-fi and cappuccino makers!

raft guides costa rica
Raft Guides Enjoying Day Off!

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables foraged or grown on-site. Eat true-free-range, never frozen chicken.

Fish for dinner!

Our Costa Rica eco vacation packages offer the best of both worlds while minimizing out guests’ carbon footprint.

Costa Rica Eco Vacation Packages
Canyoning the Pacuare River’s tributaries!

The first day of your Costa Rica eco vacation is in a raft on the world-renowned Pacuare River!

Because the Pacuare has big whitewater, runs through thick jungle, and because it is in the lifeblood of Costa Rica, the Pacuare is the country’s most treasured river!

Arrive at the river lodge in time for lunch, then begin wandering through the wonders of the Central America’s largest national park, La Amistad!

To begin with, your day consists of rafting the bottom two-thirds of the Pacuare.

Owner of Ccosta Rica
Raquel on Lake Arenal

The biggest rapids, waves, holes, waterfalls, sights and sounds are through this section. To emphasize its beauty, the Pacuare is often people’s favorite part of their vacation!

Following the takeout, your C Costa Rica guide and driver shuttle you to the Caribbean beach town of your choice to continue your Costa Rica eco-vacation!

In Cajuita, Puerto Viejo, or Manzanillo, you will spend the better part of a day. While there, you can enjoy a variety of activities from visiting horseback riding to hanging out on the beach or learning to surf!

In addition to relaxing on the beach, you can take horseback rides; visit a spa; and tour the Tree of Life Wildlife Rescue Center.

Most noteworthy of all may be the Cahuita National Park or the Cahuita Healing Garden.

Or, you can go fishing!

Costa Rica Hanging Bridge
Hanging Bridge Costa Rica

Another adventure is in store for you on day three!

C Costa Rica shuttles you to Parismina. Because there are no roads to Tortuguero, you and your guide ride on a ferry to get there!

Once you arrive in town, you can hike through the Tortuguero National Forest or take a boat ride through the canal system.

During the summer and fall months, four different types of sea turtles nest on the beaches of Tortuguero!

On your second to last day, C Costa Rica shuttles you to Arenal/La Fortuna.

There, you can choose from any one of a dozen activities. Activities include ziplining down the Arenal Volcano, spelunking, horseback rides, rafting, or a tour around the Arenal Lake.

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
Hike Arenal Volcano

On day five, Ccosta Rica Vacations’ guide and chauffeur will see you safely back to the airport in plenty of time to check-in early!


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