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Our Costa Rica Holiday Vacation Package is special!

Ccosta Rica Vacations puts you together — for one holiday afternoon or evening — with a Tico family!

In essence, you’ll adopt — and be adopted — by a family from Costa Rica for a few hours!

Mal Pais is a gorgeous mixture of sandy beaches and rock outcroppings. – @jburnsconsult

While you might be apprehensive about the idea, the reality is, your holiday evening with a Costa Rican family will likely be the highlight of your trip!

You’ll be a guest they’ll be happy to have.

They’ll be as interested in you as you’ll be in them!

Being jolly is your only responsibility Holiday meals in Costa Rica are exotic and filled with filling foods and an excess of pastries, cakes, and desserts!


Though you won’t be accustomed to the food, you’re almost certain to like it!

From chiverre, chicharones, Caribbean rice and beans and “tonto” tamales to mango tres leches, red cake, and rice pudding, the rich flavor of the food will win you over!

Your Ccosta Rica guide will be spending the afternoon/evening with you and your host family, so nothing will be lost in translation.

But, the last thing you should worry about is a failure to communicate!

You’re on your holiday vacation in Costa Rica and Christmas eve falls in the middle. Your Costa Rica Christmas vacation might look something like the following.

Costa Rica Holiday Vacations
Helping Hand

Begin your trip with a 2-day Pacuare River trip and make your way to Puntarenas through Tamarindo and Mal Pais!

On the first day of the Costa Rica Holiday Vacation, Ccosta Rica Vacations shuttles you to the Pacuare River.

You’ll raft half the river on day one, stay the night in a river lodge, then run the second half of the river on the following day.

Taking off the river early, you’ll head north with your Ccosta Rica guide(s) and chauffeur to Arenal.

Holiday vacation in costa rica
Rafting Down the Pacuare on Christmas Day!

There, you can spend your evening under the volcano in hot springs!

Another day in Arenal, the third day is a layover!

No travel aside from back and forth to and from activities! In Arenal, you’ll spend a second night because Arenal is worth two!

Costa Rica Holiday Vacation
Giving Thanks!

An activity in the morning/early afternoon, then it’s off to Tamarindo in Guanacaste where you’ll spend the afternoon, evening and the next day on the beach before heading to Monte Verde.

In Monte Verde you’ll tour the cloud forest in the morning and afternoon, then your Ccosta Rica guide and driver will shuttle you down to Mal Pais where you will spend the afternoon and part of the following day touring Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve!

After Mal Pais, it’s off to Puntarenas!

Costa Rica Family Vacations
Mom Settling into the Groove

A day on the beach with as many activities as you’re interested in doing as well as a night.

After the beach, you will meet your host family, having dinner and an Christmas cocktail before retiring to your hotel for the night!

If you want to squeeze an activity in before you get on the plane, your Ccosta Rica guide and chauffeur will be happy to accommodate you!

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