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Caribbean Honeymoon Costa Rica!

A Costa Rica honeymoon vacation is as unforgettable as it is unique!

Particularly if you’re a couple who enjoys the outdoors, Costa Rica will keep you satisfied endlessly!

If you treasure traveling as much as arriving, visiting Costa Rica lands you in places you’ve never dreamt of seeing!

Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacation
Alone Together in Paradise

Ccosta Rica’s Honeymoon Packages are — by design — meant to in places you can enjoy privately.

Hike up river-side canyons.

Walk along quiet, pristine beaches.

Stay together in honeymoon villas overlooking the ocean.

Your time together will be unique to yours!

Planning your wedding was an opportunity to make one day especially yours.

A Costa Rica honeymoon vacation is a chance to make every day suited to happy yourself!

Choose the activities you want. Decide where you want to stay. Choose everything — from the time you wake and get out of bed to how you will spend your day — you want!

Ccosta Rica Vacations will make it happen!

Day 1
quepos costa ricas best beach
After you take the plunge, take a plunge!

On the first day of the Guanacaste to Osa Peninsula Tour, you start out in the more inhabited part of the Southern Pacific.

Day and night one begins in with the beaches of Puntarenas!

After a day at the beach and whatever activities interest you, your Ccosta Rica guide(s) and chauffeur will shuttle you down to Jaco.

Day 2

Maybe the most famous beach town in Costa Rica, Jaco will be your first taste of Southern Pacific Costa Rica!

A day at the beach and your choice of nice restaurants will make your second day in Costa Rica exceptional.

There is no rush, so you can take your time.

But, if you get bored at the beach, enjoying any number of the activities around the area!

Ccosta Rica Vacations will take care of all the reservations and your chauffeur will make certain you make it wherever and back in time for the sunset!

Day 3

South of Jaco, you’ll arrive in the biggest town in the Southern Pacific, Quepos. Though next to the Manual Antonio National Park, Quepos has miles of restaurants and shops to choose from as you decide how to spend your day. The following day, you are off to Quepos!

Day 4

Popular among surfers, Dominical always has a lively crowd on the beach.

There are hidden beaches everywhere on Cabo Blaco.

In addition to the beach, there are plenty of novelty shops to take advantage of as well as sports bars and fun little restaurants!

Enjoy the crowds and the fun!

Then, it’s off to the south and the most remote area of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, Osa Peninsula!

Day 5
Corcovado is difficult to reach logistically, but it is one of Costa Ricas most exceptional destinations. – twitter@MudTribe

The most popular attraction on the Osa Peninsula is Corcovado National Park.

It is famous for its abundance of jungle wildlife.

But, there are other attractions on Osa as well!

You can whale and dolphin watch in Drake Bay, visit the wildlife sanctuary, or take a boat across Golfo Dulce!

Day 6
Costa Rica has a Playa Manzanillo on both coasts. – twitter@Casa_Chameleon

Because there is so much to do on the Oso Peninsula, it requires two days. Therefore, day six is a layover day with countless options.

Day 7

Your Ccosta Rica guides will travel back to the airport to make certain you’re at the airport to check in with plenty of time to spare!

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