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Our prepackaged Costa Rica Vacations are ideal for groups not interested in going through the hassle of customizing their own itinerary!

vacation itinerary costa rica
Your itinerary explains every detail of your trip!

C Costa Rica Vacations offers three prepackaged vacations that include a guide, lodging, transportation, and activities!

We offer a Budget Costa Rica Vacation, a Mid-Range Vacation, and a Luxury Package Vacation!

Looking to tour Costa Rica with a guide, but want to keep your costs to a minimum? Want reasonable hotel accommodations, but not interested in the resort scene? Want at least one activity a day, but something reasonably priced?

C Costa Rica Vacations can accommodate you!

For Budget Costa Rica Vacation itinerary options, contact C Costa Rica Vacations!

For a few dollars more, you can increase your Costa Rica experience considerably! Interested in ziplining, rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, learning to surf, etc?

Want to stay in higher-end hotels and resorts?

Itinerary Costa Rica Vacation
Your itinerary’s schedule tells you everything you have planned for each day!

C Costa Rica Vacations’ mid-range package allows you to enjoy all of the best activities and provides you with a broader selection of lodging choices!

Contact us if you would like to know more about our prepackaged Mid-Range Vacation!

For guests looking to stay in the best lodging Costa Rica has to offer, we offer a luxury vacation package! Enjoy eco-lodges with infinity pools overlooking a river, ocean or sea!

Fly in or ride a helicopter to the out-of-the-way destination resorts!

Pocket Itinerary Costa Rica Vacation
Your guide will hand you a laminated pocket itinerary the first day of your trip!

Enjoy unlimited activities and see everything Costa Rica has to offer!

C Costa Rica can accommodate almost any budget. Let us know what you want in your Costa Rica Vacation!

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