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Costa Rica Rafting Vacation

The Ccosta Rica Rafting Vacation is different than any you can take in Central America. Centered around rivers — the most beautiful way to see the nature of a country — a Costa Rica rafting vacation is pure eco-adventure. Different than all other Ccosta Rica vacations, ownership guides the Costa Rica river vacation!

Costa Rica Rafting Vacation
A Rafting Vacation is All Smiles!

A Rafting Vacation, Costa Rica Seen in Its Most Natural State

If you want to see virgin jungle, you have two options. You can hike through the secondary forests surrounging it. Or, you can raft through the roadless areas and look up to see Costa Rica’s pristine. And, rafting is a fun and wild ridethat quickly becomes an addiction!!

Rafting Vacation Costa Rica
Challenge Yourself in a Ducky!

You won’t tire of running a river a day on the Ccosta Rica Rafting Vacation. Every evening, you’ll be hankering for more!

An Example of a Costa Rica Rafting Vacation

Day 1:

As a warmup, you’ll run the Pejivalle River the same day you arrive in Costa Rica. A steep, beautiful river made of all bends and drops, the Pejivalle is non-stop from the put-in at Taus until the take-out near Ouray! 

Rafting Vacation Costa Rica
Big Splashes on a Little River!
Days 2 – 3:

The second and third day are two of the most special days you’ll have on your trip. It’s off to the Pacuare River where you’ll be spending the night in a jungle lodge! In addition to the fact you’ll be sleeping in the heart of Costa Rica’s riverland, the Pacuare is the biggest river you’ll run on your Costa Rica rafting vacation! Class II and III rapids every few hundred yards seperate the big class IV drops like Huacus, Cimarrones, Dos Montanas, and Indio!

Costa Rica Rafting Vacation
Rafting is Like Being Tickled ‘Til It Hurts!

The river lodge is about two-thirds of the way down. You’ll run the majority of the river on day two.

Day 4:

The Sarapiqui River is the third river on the Costa Rica Rafting Vacation. Located on the Caribbean side of the country, the Sarapiqui is north of the Pacuare and east of the Rio Toro — the next river you’ll be running. Will double-drop bends that double back on themselves, the Sarapaqui is a fun run through Costa Rica’s lowlands.

Rafting Vacation Costa Rica
Rafting is Just Part of a River Trip!
Day 5:

In Arenal — an exceptional town completely dedicated to tourism, — you’ll run the Rio Toro. Afterward, you can go ziplining down a volcano, horseback riding or four wheeling, or spelunking! But, the Toro will likely be your La Fortunal/Arenal highlight! It’s a fast, exciting river with fun around ever corner!

Costa Rica Rafting Vacation
The Tributaries are as Beautiful as the River Itself

Then it’s off to Quepos!

Days 6 – 7:

The next two days you’ll run the steepest, wildest rivers on the trip! The Naranjo and Savegre are sister rivers of the Pejivalle and Pacuare. They’re amazing! The drops on the Naranjo and Savegre are big! In addition to running rivers, you’ll enjoy the beaches and surf around Quepos. You can walk through the jungle of Manuel Antonio National Forest as well.

Rafting Vacation Costa Rica
That’s Why They’re Called Holes!

There as many activities in Quepos as there are anywhere else in the country! You can even skydive over Quepos!

Day 7:

Depending on what time you  r flight leaves, there may be time for one last stop before heading back to the airport. However, it’s a long drive from Manzanillo to Alajuela, so you’ll likely not have time to do a great deal on your last day.

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