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Costa Rica Surfing Vacation

A Costa Rica surfing vacation has a single key element you must consider above all others, time. Costa Rica has the waves, the breaks, and the swells. But what you don’t have is time. Ccosta Rica surfing vacation packages are designed to move you from spot to spot quickly.

For a Surf Vacation, Costa Rica is Ideal

Costa Rica has exceptional surfing up and down the Pacific Coasts. The surfing up and down the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is exceptional. Driving from one coast to the other only takes six hours. In other words, there is exceptional surfing all over Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Surfing Vacation
The Pacific is Famous for Friendly Beach Break

Costa Rica Surfing Vacation Packages

Our Costa Rica surfing vacation packages are custom. The type of break you want, your skill level, and how long you want to stay in each place determines the Costa Rica surfing vacation we design for you.

Costa Rica Surf Vacation Example

The following is a Costa Rica surf vacation itinerary for a group who always wants to be around a great break, but wants to spend a few hours every day checking out Costa Rica’s other offerings.

Surfing Vacation Costa Rica
Costa Rica’s Caribbean
Day 1:

Immediately heading to the Caribbean, you’ll be surfing north of Limon by noon.  You can choose between Isla Uvita, Roco Alta, or Portete. Staying at a beautiful villa for the night, you’ll be treated to the sights and sounds of one of Costa Rica’s most popular inland attractions, the jungle.

Day 2:

Day two begins with a 4 to 6 hours surf session. In the afternoon Ccosta Rica Vacations will shuttle you to Parishmina where you will catch a ferry to Tortuguero.. There you can watch sea turtles — in the summer and fall months, — hike through the national park, or take a boat tour through the canals of Tortuguero. There is surfing up and down the coast near Tortuguero.

Day 3:

After an overnight stay in Tortuguero followed by breakfast and a ferry ride back to Parismina, Ccosta Rica will shuttle you south past Limon where you will spend the day at surfing near Playa Bonita. In the evening, a short drive will take you to Cahuita where you’ll check into your hotel and have dinner.

Day 4:

A layover day, you’ll be spending the night in The Cahuita again, so you can surf the entire day. You can also just hang on the beach or fill your time with a variety of activities. One of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, Cahuita is the perfect place to decompress on a board.

Day 5:

The next stop is Puerta Viejo. After checking into your hotel, you can head to the beach to surf in front of town. The locals and tourists are a great audience and you’re the entertainment. When you decide to take a break, you can select from any of the dozens of things to do in Puerta Viejo with respect to activities.

Day: 6

Your last stop on the Caribbean, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Manzanillo. A secluded beach at the end of the road, Manzanillo is also within walking distance of Punta Uva and several other killer breaks. Quiet and tranquil, Manzanillo is “pura” Caribbean.

Day 7:

Depending on what time your flight leaves, there may be time for one last stop before heading back to the airport. However, it’s a long drive from Manzanillo to Alajuela, so you’ll likely not have time to do a great deal on your last day.

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